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The State of Idaho and the FMCSA will have specific insurance requirements for commercial truck drivers.  Truckers that operate under their own authority will need to ensure that they have the mandatory coverages such as primary liability. Owners operators will need to review coverges such as bobtail, non-trucking liability or just physical damage insurance.


Requirements for Idaho Commercial Truck Insurance

(Intrastate vs. Interstate)

The State of Idaho typically requires intrastate or truckers who only haul within the state to carry a minimum amount of general liability insurance.  This requirement will be based on a few factors including what you're hauling and where you are hauling it to. 

Intrastate haulers with larger sized semi-trucks will need to keep a minimum amount of insurance:

  • $300,000 Liability Insurance (Household Goods)

  • $750,000 Liability Insurance (General Freight)

  • $5,000,000 Liability Insurance (Hazerdous Materials)

State & Federal Filings

Interstate haulers, or truckers who drive through varous states, are required by the Federal Government or FMCSA to comply with a different set of insurance requirements in addition to the state minimum.  In most cases you'll be required by FMCSA to carry liability limits or $750,000 or $1,000,000. 

Your insurance agency or insurance carrier will work with you and help prepare both the State of Idaho and the Federal Government filings.  The forms below are a just a few samples of what you may need prior to having your authority granted: 

  • The BMC-100

  • Form MCS-99

  • Form E

  • Form H

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